Feb 192010

I think I had this problem for quite sometime – I’m really slow in warming up.

This happened whenever I moved to a new group or a brand new project, that previous experience doesn’t help me. It seems I’m good at solving problems based on experience, so once experience becomes useless, I’m lost.

I’ve been assigned to current project for months, and I started my “real” work about a month ago, but obviously only till now I can have some real ideas about what the system look like, and what we should do to make it works. I don’t think people like me in previous meetings as most time I was just sitting there listening, not much to present to the team (to help the project). Now the project is about to finish the design phrase, and seems I finally wake up :D. In the past two or three meetings I think I contribute a lot to the project.

It could be another reason though – I may not be that interested with design stuffs, but once it becomes implementation I got my sense and become willing to do something.

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