Aug 082009

Now … Python time again, since it seems to be the easiest way to develope some leisure stuffs for my new E90.

So here are things to be installed:

  • ActivePython for Windows, at this moment need to use 2.5.x
  • ensymble for Windows, I’m using 0.28 (for Python 2.5)
  • openssl for Windows, remember download
  • pys60, current version is 1.9.7, this (the sis file) is for installing to my handset

Install pys60 to handset is pretty straight forward, except you may have to deal with certificate, etc. – check those Symbian forum please, I don’t think my solution is the best (allow to install any software and don’t check certificate at all).

Now, install ActivePython on Windows box by following instruction, then create a directory for ensymble (let’s say C:\Ensymble), unzip the to that directory (all 3 files in total), and then the – I changed the name to so that I need to type less whenever I want to use it. As the last step, put C:\Ensymble to your environment variable PATH.

After everything’s done, let’s try the first Python application for Symbian – pick an open source application from PyS60 Application Directory, and build it. I was using Magic Video as my first test, download the py file, put it somewhere and then run: py2sis –uid=0x98765432 –appname=”MagicVideo” –caption=”Magic Video” –version=1.0.0 magicvideo

you will get a .sis file in the current directory and that can be installed to handset.

Remember use uid >0x7fffffff, I didn’t pay attention to the warning message on the screen and this costed me almost half an hour to figure out why the application cannot be installed.

  3 Responses to “Python for Symbian”

  1. It turned out better use Python from, as ActivePython has some problem with ssl (I guess it is TLS) but I just don’t want to dig into more details.

    Actually I don’t code for Windows, but for some Python libraries I got (such as xmpppy) I want to test on Windows first and then came up with the problem.

  2. I still don’t understand why the ActivePython works just fine on my laptop, it seems there are some other applications installed TLS library so ActivePython can just take it.

    Anyway, I’ve removed ActivePython from my laptop now and installed python from instead, so to make all my development environment the same.

  3. Actually I just found out that pys60 comes with a Windows setup program which includes a PyS60 application packager (just some wrap-up on ensymble), seems to me it’s working perfectly.

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