Jul 182009

My mom’s computer is too old to be “cured” – I didn’t check through but I believe it is running a Pentium 4 at frequency 1.x Ghz, and it has 192M or 256M memory. Mom told me couple of times that if I want to do anything with the machine, I have to be patient.

Well, I’m less patient :(. So I decided to get a new desktop for her. I went to an “electronic market” with RMB 5000 in my pocket, thinking of getting a desktop plus a printer.

Well, none of those branded reseller could sell me a machine without display/keyboard/mouse, so I went to a DIY shop, asking them build up a basic desktop for me. After discussing about the configuration (some AMD Sempron dual-core, 2G mem, 250G disk, a DVD-RW, all others are on the integrated motherboard), the guy told me it is RMB 1,600, about $230. People told me you have to bargain for the price there, but I didn’t that day :). The price was far below my expectation so I don’t mind they are going to get 100 or 200 more in profit.

Actually I was wondering how they can make money to support all the employees there – there is a seems-to-be-the-boss, with 2 boys sound like senior (they can make a configuration and can do the installation), plus 3 others seems to be intern or something (they were helping). It was said the cost of rental is couple of thousands a month, and I don’t think they are going to make more than 10 deals a day – and it was a weekend.

Whenever I went to printer it is another story – inkjet are roughly $70, while the ink will be $30, laser printer is about $300, while the toner is about $150. The business model is pretty clear here, that is, you get the printer for almost free (actually inkjet printer is free as it contains two ink boxes inside, right?) and get profit from ink/toner. I’m not sure if HP is the one invited this but obviously it’s a good deal.

BTW, I didn’t buy the printer as I don’t think my parents want to afford the cost.:)

Jul 182009

The ADSL @ my parents’ house was crappy – it disconnected every 2~20 minutes, which made it impossible to me to get things done.

Technician from the carrier came on Friday and did all sort of tests, and pointed out the ADSL modem is the one to be blamed. However, they don’t have anything in stock so I have to get my own from a shop.

It was the afternoon with thunderstorm, I decided I would like with the bad connection for a day or two instead of risking myself stuck somewhere around (yea, flood in downtown and traffic was super bad), anyway it was just half a day, and after I replaced the broken one with the new one I got, everything works like a charm.

Alright, I have my connection again, and (re-) started my so-called boring life by surfing online and checking emails … yes, there were more than 3 people told me I’m wasting my vacation and I sort of agree with them.

Jul 182009

This is an old model, but I’ve been expecting for it for quite some time.

Now I have one in my hand, it is pretty much what I want for all these years 😛 – QWERTY keyboard, wireless and cellular connection, display is big enough, and, phone is big enough :D. Pity it does not support 3G on AT&T, but I guess EDGE will be good enough since I was on it with my blackberry.

I haven’t found enough software for it, but at least I have putty now so anything else could be delayed (yes, I’m still looking). Now I want a good connection manager (say, switch between wifi and cellular network automatically), some games (boring games to kill time), and I need a good Jabber client (or a multiple protocol client). Sure I wish all these can be free, but I will pay some if they are good.

It’s weird to me that Microsoft has their messenger client on Symbian, while Yahoo and Google don’t have one. If I understand correctly, Symbian is one of the major competitor of Windows Mobile, so what’s the logic behind all these?