Jun 302009

Finally it came out, and surely the key feature is private mode >:), though this has been there in IE8 and Safari 4 for quite some time (weeks?).

I have too many browsers installed on my company-issued laptop, pity I cannot upgrade to IE8 as it is explicitly banned by IT gurus, actually I like Firefox and IE more than anything else (Opera and Safari), especially Safari, consumed too much resource.

Jun 292009

I agree social network is sort of virus, you were brought into the game just because one of your friends is there, and then later on you will find all of your friends are there.

This is what I found today – I registered my account a year back I guess (by the time I know kaixin001.com, and people mentioned it is just another facebook), and at that time there was not many friends playing there. When I checked again this morning, it seems 50% of my friends who regularly accesses internet has an account there.

Now the question is – how many of them use it daily or even weekly? This is so-called active user, but it seems to me pretty low, maybe 1/10. Well someone would say 10% is really a good number, but I believe social network should have higher active rate.

I don’t know how long I can play with this one, facebook is way too fun compare with linkedin, I get rid of kaixin001.com as I found it is just a social network, means other than play some games, I got nothing else, actually it was even not the good place to keep contact with friends, let’s see how facebook works,

Jun 292009

I’m using symfony 1.2 now and it can work with both Doctrine and Propel. Frankly speaking, I don’t have any ideas of which one is better, but thinking of Doctrine was added in 1.2 while Propel was there since 1.0, I would assume Doctrine is better (otherwise, why bother?).

Here are some “formal” evaluation of Doctrine and Propel, seems I made the right guess 😛

  • http://blog.centresource.com/2007/04/10/doctrine-vs-propel-in-symfony/
  • http://codeutopia.net/blog/2009/05/16/doctrine-vs-propel-2009-update/

So you know, I’m using Doctrine in symfony now.

Jun 282009

Perfect taste.

I used to try various food with wine, but obvious cheese wins for (almost) all the time, some red meat won once or twice, such a well cooked steak, but since I cannot enjoy too much red meat, obviously cheese is the best choice.

It seems like wine always be good with some heavy/rich food, this is why it did not work well with fish or chicken.

Jun 272009

Playing with Symfony, trying to deploy to godaddy, it’s way tooooooo troublesome, and I haven’t figure it out yet.

I think I’m going to stop trying that and instead, doing all the tests on my home Ubuntu. It seems shared hosting (that’s what I’m using on godaddy) has LOT limitation makes it totally different from normal setup.

Jun 242009

Found something cute – Here is a ASDF interface of Win32 for SBCL, seems I can create Win32 application easily with it.

So, I’m kind of away from Ada now since the new GNAT 2009 did not solve the Win32 binding issue, my work on Ada became a interpretter, that is, reading C/C++ specification of Win32 APIs, and then use Ada to rewrite them, I’m pretty sure I was bored with it so I slowered down the development.

Lisp … seems like a different story, the community is a lot more active (based on discussion in USENET), also there are more than one compiler/interpreter providers vs. one from Ada (yes, GNAT is great, but it’s GNAT only), I can see SBCL and CMUCL are pretty promissing, while a lot other providers are coming up.

I may go write the PPCam program again, with Lisp, I know I’m stubborn, but I just want to get it done, with any non-Microsoft, and non-Borland software.

BTW, I gave up the idea of finding an IDE, I’ll work on command line to build a GUI application 🙂

Jun 242009

I have about 2,600 photos uploaded to one of my web sites, and I compose couple of quick PHP scripts to help me browse them. There is a img.php to resize the photo for different purpose (such as thumb view for listing page, medium size for view online, and full size for downloading), but whenever I try to download the photo, I found it’s tough as it always prompt to save as “img.php.jpeg”.

So, instead of doing any PHP stuff, I changed .htaccess under the folder, let apache do rewrite for me, in couple of minutes everything works like a chime.

These are really simple tasks, I guess it can be done with anything else (lighttpd, python, blar blar), but obviously I’m still familiar with PHP and Apache httpd, guess I should stick on that till something else can be this easy to me, just as years back I switched from qmail to postfix …

Jun 222009

Just read news that Kevin’s going to Microsoft, so I checked yorg site, no doubt, I’m 308 now compare with 309 couple of weeks back.

Good luck Kevin. 🙂

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Jun 212009

Lots of people (include myself) said framework does not fit big web sites, whatever it is based on Ruby, Python, or PHP, then why do I still use a framework?

Quick answer – I need something in web development like Visual Basic.

Let me explain some more – while I’m trying to build a Windows application, if it is simple or it is just for prototype, I can use Visual Basic (maybe Delphi now to get rid of troubles caused by .Net). On Unix I use Perl/shell to archieve the same goal. However, I don’t have anything in hands, till now, on web development, so I need something, which framework seems promising.

I don’t think I will build any big web sites with the framework, but there are way too many small web sites/applications that I want to get them done within a week. Building a perfect achitecture is not that fast, even with PHP frontend and C/C++ backend. Almost all this kind of applications are database oriented, with less complex logic but needs to be fancy in UI. Thinking of most frameworks work AJAX UI, this seems to be the best choice.

Sure, once the application needs to be turned to a real web site, performance, capacity, and security, etc. will become critical, and at that time I would like to change the whole platform from a framework to a solid achitecture. I still believe none of the existing framework can provide the performance that big web sites want.

I post here to answer questions like:

  • Is framework good to build a big web site?
  • You mentioned you don’t like framework, but why are you still using them?
Jun 202009

I’m playing with symfony now, will try to build up a album application first.

Ubuntu comes with 1.0, and seems things changed some (at least those admin commands) in v1.2, but I don’t think it matters too much.

I’m working on home Ubuntu box and will move the application to the hosting server after tests.