Apr 152009

I guess I’ve got all necessary functions from DirectShow for PPCam project, and created a DirectShow binding. It is still partial as I didn’t check other APIs that are unrelated to PPCam project.

I keyed ~1,800 lines of codes today (include blank and comment lines), what I did is reading MSDN, dig out what kind of APIs I need to use, then check Windows SDK to get the C version of declaration, and write binding. There is a great sample from adapower.org, which taught me how to make it.

Actually this is a nice exercise, using Ada doing DirectShow stuffs is actually using C interface. DirectShow is purely COM based so using OO language, especially C++ is the most natual way, but, I still believe using C is the best way to understand what’s inside, and this helps me know more about the whole structure, and do help implementing good programs.

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  1. Tough – 3 more COM object to be added, I think I’d better leave it to tomorrow.

    Heading to bed now.

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