Apr 112009

I got a sample from Windows SDK that uses DirectShow to capture video from webcam, it works for now but I’m still reading, just need to know how much it can fit into my PPCam project.

The problem is, I need to make the C program works for me to capture video and put an extra filter to grab data and send to the other end, and after that I need to convert the program from C to Ada. Or, I should start from the sample provided by the SDK and convert it to Ada, then see how to get the extra filter.

I just made the decision to go with the #2 option, it will make more activities in PPCam project, and would let me think more in Ada way.

By the way, I got all my useful search results from Yahoo, it seems to me Yahoo is not that far away from Google in web search, guess we can slowly get market share back.

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